Wednesday, June 29, 2022

MyBBCGlobal and MyBBCBuilder

Hello world, Nathan Gurley here with a new Google Blog dedicated to and a new site I will be launching soon to help build it called  (MyBBCBuilder is NOT ready as of 6/29/2022). has inspired me to get back into crypto in a safe and profitable way.  The official launch date is 08/01/2022.  It is by invitation only, so if interested, let me know.  You can join FREE for now.  

The concept is simple and this is the first of it's kind.  You can earn Bitcoin selling discount crypto.  At this point there are two discount crypto tokens available - BBC and ZTA (Zenith).  

My personal approach is to go heavy on ZTA, but I did purchase a couple of BBC packages as well and am earning on both.  

ZTA has great potential and you can research it here: 

You can purchase ZTA on the open market, but you can use the purchasing power of MyBBCGlobal to get it at a serious discount.  Moreover, as others join our team (either personally or through the company powerline) you will earn more.  

The price of ZTA as of 6/29/2022 is .001.  Now check out the future price preditions here: 

The max price in 2031 as of this writing is $3.52.  As MyBBCGlobal continues to grow, I predict it will not take nine years to reach this price!   


The folks who bought Bitcoin in 2009 know this axiom well.  

The chance to do this with Bitcoin is over. 

The opportunity to do this with Discount Crypto has arrived! 

Stay tuned for a new discount crypto in pharmaceuticals coming soon... 


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