Tuesday, July 12, 2022

MyBBCGlobal Presentation by Pastor Felix #mybbcglobal.io

 MyBBCGlobal.io full presentation by Pastor Felix Anthony, Top Leader of the Company.

MyBBCBuilder.com is a Team Build site dedicated to helping members earn Bitcoin selling Discounted Crypto. Membership is Free! We welcome all current and future members who are encouraged to help 3 get 3 via LeadsLeap rotator.

Click the banner below to join our MyBBCGlobal.io Team Build with MyBBCBuilder.com

Once there, click the large banner to join one of our teammate's MyBBCGlobal site.

Then, put your MyBBCGlobal link in our Downline Builder and promote.

Reach out to your sponsor and let them know you are ready to spread the good news!

NathanG - Founder


PastorFelix MyBBCGlobal Puts Jesus First

 MyBBCGlobal.io Board Chair and Top Leader, Pastor Felix Anthony, explains how he puts Jesus first in our team build.

MyBBCBuilder.com is a Team Build site to help spread the word on Earning Bitcoin Selling Discounted Crypto. All are welcome! Believers, Non-believers, current members of MyBBCGlobal and future members. MyBBCBuilder uses a LeadsLeap rotator to help our team members build 3x3.

MyBBCGlobal Recorded Zoom with Pastor Felix

 Upon building out MyBBCBuilder.com, a Team Build program for MyBBCGlobal.io, I decided I would like to link to one of Pastor Felix Anthony's recorded Zoom presentations as I am not exactly comfortable on camera making presentations.  

I did do a "quickie" video on the front page of MyBBCBuilder, but wanted to offer Pastor Felix's presentation.  

With that said, I created a banner on the front page and in the member's area

I am not great at graphic design ( do have a pro for the promotional banners), but here is what I came up with: 

If interested in building MyBBCGlobal.io with our Team Build, click the banner below: 

Our team goal is to build 3 x 3 using a LeadsLeap rotator.  Once you have 3, we kindly ask you to do the same to foster growth.  

1.) Click on the large banner on the front page of MyBBCBuilder.com to join MyBBCGlobal.io from one of our team members. 

2.) Join MyBBCBuilder.com for free and enter your MyBBCGlobal link in our downline builder. 

We have promotional tools to help you promote, and I am in the process of including tools @ 

BlockchainListBuilder.com to support the Team Build. 

Looking forward to your success! 


Tuesday, July 5, 2022

MyBBCGlobal Music Video - MyBBCBuilder coming soon

Today, I was on the Zoom with Pastor Felix in anticipation of the official launch of MyBBCGlobal.  Hoping the new site will launch soon.  

In the background, I am trying to finalize things at MyBBCBuilder.com so I can launch it to help members build their MyBBCGlobal teams so we can all take advantage of discounted crypto and earn Bitcoin on sales.  

Here is a great music video from one of our members: 





Saturday, July 2, 2022

MyBBCBuilder.com Intro Video to Promote MyBBCGlobal.io

As of 7/2/2022, MyBBCBuilder.com is not quite ready to launch.  This video will serve as a placeholder until the site is ready.  At that time, I will make another video.  


Thursday, June 30, 2022

MyBBCGlobal Accapella song by Pastor Solomon Ekpenyong and Team

Aside from earning Bitcoin and acquiring discounted crypto from MyBBCGlobal, you will also be entertained by our talented team!  Here is Pastor Solomon Ekpenyong and team demonstrating beautiful harmonies to celebrate our Lord and the opportunity of earning unlimited crytpo with MyBBCGlobal! 

Put our Lord first, help others by tithing, and make the world a better place!


Discount CryptoCurrency with MyBBCGlobal Cartoon by Pastor Felix Anthony

Here is a short video Pastor Felix Anthony made about cryptocurrency.  He is a Team Leader with MyBBCGlobal and puts God first in Everthing!  


Pastor Felix hosts a faith-based MyBBCGlobal Zoom on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Go to ReferEverybody.com - PW: 888

3pm EST    -   8pm Nigeria Time    -   9pm SouthAfrica Time

He earned his fist million with Amway and knows what he is talking about!  Just sayin'